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White Tail Spider Bite

White Tail Spider victim in St Clair

Can be found anywhere between Penrith and Parramatta

Redback with eggs


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Termite Nest inside a roof on the top floor.

Annual Inspections using Termatrac Radar could have prevented this.

7 days a week Emergency Service

AnnDifferent castes of termites within a termite nest

Reproductives and Worker Castes. The Reproductive Castes have wings and eyes. They are the future Kings & Queens of new colonies. The workers have no eyes. Their job is to feed the entire termite colony and distribute hormones around the termite colony
Reproductive Termite Castes waiting for natures signal to fly and establish new colonies. Future Kings & Queens of new colonies. When they land after the colonising flight, they will shed their wings, enter the ground and commence the building of a new colony that will contain over 500,000 termites.
Worker caste termites eating a timber wall stud
Soldier Termite on guard inside a house wall.


St Clair home just 2 weeks after being purchased. The purchasers inspector did not use Termatrac Radar. The new owner noticed a mud ball on the walk in robe on Sunday morning two weeks later and our Termatrac revealed the sub-nest in the hallway. Legal action recovered some of the cost.



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