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A partially treated termite nest inside a roof void. The damage bill for this infestation was over $15,000
These are roof timber beams that will need replacing after a termite infestation
The termite nest extended into the wall behind these 2 wardrobes. Books, clothing and papers were all consumed by the termites.
This is where the nest itself was removed from. Termite sub-nests were also found in other walls and the sub-floor.
Not a lot of roof beams left in this area. The walls underneath were eaten out completely. It took 2 technicians three days to remove all the mud packing.
These timber beams were finished and had to be replaced. This was a two storey home.
Under the roof was full of termites and termite mud packing
Some of the termite mud packing removed from the home in Harvy Circuit St Clair. Massive damage was done to the home timber frame with much of the insulation having to be replaced. This home was built on a concrete slab which is now more than 80% of our termite work nowadays. If you cover your house slab with gardens, driveways, pavers, lawns, bark, you could be next
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Annual Termite Inspections using Termatrac Radar could have prevented this.

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St Clair home just 2 weeks after being purchased. The purchasers inspector did not use Termatrac Radar. The new owner noticed a mud ball on the walk in robe on Sunday morning two weeks later and our Termatrac revealed the sub-nest in the hallway. Legal action recovered some of the cost.

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