The Termite nest inside this roof covered 4 rooms. Over $20,000 to fix


The mud packing under an extension on top of some old concrete steps at the rear of a home. The kitchen timber walls had to be replaced. Termites can penetrate brickwork and passed through the wall on their way to eat the house timber frame. Mt Druitt
Termites accessed the house frame and ate the window frames due to the fact the curtains covered them, hiding them from view. These frames or completely hollow and are just matchwood now. Mamre Rd St Marys
Note the mud tube in the corner of the brickwork. This is a massive termite "lead". The home timber frame is being consumed by termites. This client was not getting annual termite inspections. They do now. $24,000 worth of builders work had to be carried out. Termites had progressed through the walls into the roof. Two sub-nests were removed from the dwelling walls. Only our radar can see these concealed nests inside house walls
The sky is visible through this roof. Termite damage everywhere. A replacement roof needed. 500,000 termites in every nest means a lot of timber is going to be eaten.
Termite mud packing removed from a wall. Mud packing is just soil brought from the garden or surrounds and packed into wall cavities. They then store water/moisture from the soil in order to grow a fungus which they eat because it enables them to eat the timber and extract the cellulose which is the sugar linked mollecules of timber. In fact, the termite species (worker) that eats the timber has no eyes. Only the reproductives have eyes (and wings) The workers feed all the nest inhabitants and distribute hormones around the colony. The queen is the same size as your thumb
A total disaster dwelling in St Clair. Not much timber left that was not damaged. We know of three homes that were pulled down because of termite damage in recent times. Erskine Park is a dangerous place to live if you do not have regular termite inspections.

Kingswood. A laundry full of termites. The radar found them where no other sign indicated termites.

A lot of mud & termites came out of these walls

Campbelltown. An extension of the home moved a little letting termites into the home under the carpets. The termites worked their way over to the wall under the carpets and then accessed the walls. This poor lady was about to leave for her holidays. Virgin airlines refused to give her a refund or let her re-arrange her flight. Miserable B********'s

The carpenters are waiting for us to finish.


Two rooms destroyed by termites plus a good part of the ceiling and roof timber needed replacing. In the sub-floor was a large termite nest. The nest was under the floor. See below. Emu Plains. Home of the termite!!


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Annual Termite Inspections using Termatrac Radar could have prevented some of this damage.

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St Clair home just 2 weeks after being purchased. The purchasers inspector did not use Termatrac Radar. The new owner noticed a mud ball on the walk in robe on Sunday morning two weeks later and our Termatrac revealed the sub-nest in the hallway. Legal action recovered some of the cost.

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