After the gyprock was removed, it was obvious that the wall timber studs needed replacing. Luddenham
Termites coming through the rear of a cupboard wall. Prospect.
When we opened up this wall, there was solid termite mud packing with very active termites. Most of the wall timber was destroyed. Blue Mountains.
The timber frame of this home needed lots of work to get it back into shape. Good job they have friends at the bank because there is no such thing as termite insurance. A Termatrac radar inspection would have seen the termite infestation through the wall surfaces. Emu Plains.
Termites don't leave much useful timber after an infestation like this one. This wall is full of termite mud packing. Penrith
These are the timber floor joists of a two storey home. The upstairs bathroom fell through the downstairs garage roof when the termite damage got so bad the beams would not support the weight of the bathroom. The termite nest weighed in at over 100 kilos. Toongabbie.
Look at the termite mud inside this wall. The home owner leaned on the wall and fell through the gyprock. South Penrith
This is part of the floor of a two storey home. The repairs cost over $70,000. Springwood.


A thick termite tube (lead) coming from the soil and that goes into the timber floor of this home in Mamre Rd St Marys. The home had massive damage to the house frame



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